We’ve all heard it before, on the day of January 1. “New year, new me!” “Page one of 365”, “This year is going to be my year” and probably many more incredibly cheesy “inspirational” New Year sayings that we all have to deal with EVERY SINGLE YEAR. By now, I think we all understand that, yes, the new year is a perfect opportunity to, in a way, start over and change things that you don’t like about yourself. The most popular goal is to start exercising more and to eat healthy. But can’t we all agree that sometimes these resolutions are a little far-fetched.

365 days. You are literally promising to yourself and others that you will develop a habit that will last every day for 365 days! Did we forget about school? Jobs? A social life? Life in general? Unless you are 100% committed to this extreme resolution, you wasted all of your January telling others about how you are going to become buff, run a marathon and only eat broccoli and rice, (instead of working on your goal) when you most likely will not. I almost forgot to mention, the worst part about these amazing resolutions! Hearing about them, EVERY SINGLE DAY from EVERY SINGLE PERSON until February 1 rolls around. We get it! You don’t need to explain to me why and how you are going to lose 20 pounds before the next New Year!

But if you really think about it, the whole “having resolutions for the New Year” is a pretty dumb concept. All you are literally doing is telling yourself what to do. JUST DO IT! Also, can you believe some of those super motivational resolutions that really push people to their limits! Really? You are going to go on an hour hike every other day? Really? You are going to try and learn something new everywhere you go? Wow, what an adventure of a year!

Now, don’t get me wrong. Goals are very important to have in your life, but can’t we at least make them the slightest bit more realistic. Maybe make new month resolutions! Some people have even stopped making new year resolutions because they know they won’t keep them. Maybe they don’t want to feel the regret and disappointment in mid-February when they know that they have not succeeded in the slightest regarding their resolution.

I have to admit that even I have created a new year’s resolution, like probably almost every other person on the planet. I guess it is more of a tradition and a self-motivation thing more than a real goal and I bet people won’t stop anytime soon. Nevertheless, can we at least calm down on the annoying and over-used sayings and maybe even keep our personal goals to ourselves to make them more, well, personal.

Feature photo courtesy of http://gretchenrubin.com/happiness_project/2015/12/hate-new-years-resolutions/