Recently Riverside Secondary faced some changes in appearance. New LED lights have been installed in all of the downstairs classrooms, and the hallway walls near the cafeteria and gym area have been painted blue.

After having fluorescent lights throughout the whole building since the opening of the school, the school has finally decided to change them to LED fixtures. LED lights are known to be better for people than fluorescent in terms of headaches, dizziness, nausea and overall discomfort. So far, the only lights that got changed are the downstairs classrooms, but the school is hoping for the whole building to be changed to LED by the end of December.

The hallway by the cafeteria and gym walls downstairs have also had an upgrade. There were multiple reasons for the change including that some believe blue is more of a relaxing colour. The previous pink colour wasn’t as calming as this new blue colour. The blue also goes with the theme of the Riverside colours and also matches the floors. “The building is 21 years old and it’s never had a paint job,” said Anthony Ciolfitto, principal at Riverside Secondary. That particular area is also used the most, seven days a week and often until 10pm. The colour was chosen after looking at three different blues. One had more grey, one had less grey and the other one was in the middle. The school chose the one with the less grey.

Eventually, other hallways in the school will be painted as well.