Finals can be stressful and one might not know how to properly prepare.  Here are some inside tips from Mr. Chee and Shayla Symes on how to study for a final.

When studying for a final, the number one studying technique is reading over self-written notes and the provided textbook information. By reading a little bit every day for several days the information will be better retained by one’s long term memory. 

According to Shayla, a grade 12 student at Riverside Secondary, her favorite way of studying is by reading over notes given by her teachers or rewriting the notes in her own words. 

“I help my students prepare by giving them review packages and recommending they practice the questions that confused them in the past or they had challenges with on past tests,” said Chee. 

Procrastination is a tremendous issue with students today and it can be remedied by time managing one’s day.  It is key to plan times specifically for studying and allot specific time for personal activity. 

Another technique in acing a final, according to Symes, is by writing out practice tests and then answering the questions as if it were an actual exam. By doing this, one can figure out which questions they need to focus on knowing without having to refer back to notes. 

Flashcards can also be a very useful technique to use when studying for a final because it gets one thinking fast and can be done anywhere and it can be repeated and reviewed in a short period of time (ex. the car, a line, a coffee shop, or in between classes.)

Many students stress over studying for their finals, and several worries flow through their heads such as, am I studying enough? Everybody should go into a final exam and feel prepared.