Recently, I’ve had no motivation whatsoever to exercise. Working out is extremely important: it decreases risks of diseases and other issues, as well as lowering stress, but sometimes it seems nearly impossible to actually get up and do it! How can we make more time for exercise during weeks that already seem packed with school, work, and other obligations?

I’ve decided to clear out the time from my calendar, and make sure that working out every day becomes as necessary as going to bed every night. It shouldn’t be considered a chore, but it should be considered more of a necessity. I love the feeling when you can push yourself harder and know you’re doing better than you originally could.

A good source of motivation for me, is music. Changing up your playlist from time to time is important to stay energized. 8tracks is my go-to site when I’m looking for the perfect workout songs. You can find playlists by tags, such as #running, #workout, or #inspirational.

Other ways to keep motivated include blogs and friends. I’ve been following Blogilates for years and it’s a great resource for exercise and healthy meal ideas while still being fun to read or watch. The blog includes many ideas for at-home work outs with or without equipment. If you’re going to the gym take a friend with you so you can really push each other. Also consider joining a team or class to get fit and involved in the community!

For those who suffer from extreme laziness, there are still many ways to fit in some fitness. Sit-ups during commercial breaks, squats while waiting for food to cook, or stretching while getting out of bed in the morning are all great ways to incorporate some type of exercise into your daily routine. Buzzfeed even shared 14 exercises you can do while lying down!

There’s countless ways to keep motivated, but the main thing is to stay positive and healthy.