You’ve been listening to the same song on repeat for the last week, its lyrics stir up emotions in you that you couldn’t understand before. The chorus brings you to an unbelievable high, and your other worries seem to melt away. So, as you’re subtly bobbing your head as you walk down the hallway, your inner earworm is interrupted by the high pitched whine of dubstep, leaking out the headphones of the guy walking past you. The melody in your head comes to a halt, as you feel inner disgust for the newfound tune that drifted into your ears. You can’t believe that someone would waste their time bothering to listen to that garbage. It’s absolutely ridiculous that someone would have different tastes than your own, as yours is obviously superior. It’s clear to see that some music is distasteful and nothing but a vomit of auto tune and bass guitar. You continue on to meet up with your friends, smiling and anticipating sharing your newfound treasure with them.

When your friend asks why you’re so happy, you eagerly pass over the white earbud. After quickly unlocking it, you select the song awaiting your friend’s reaction. You pop the other earbud in your ear and hear the chorus begin to play. A smile graces your face, and you turn to your friend, expecting a mirrored image. Instead, you see a crinkled nose, scowling eyes showing that, to your friend, this song isn’t world shattering or mind blowing, but mediocre at best. You try to change the song saying you selected the wrong one, or even speed it up assuring your friend that the best part hasn’t happened. Your friend starts to complain saying things like the “chord progression was off”, or “the bass didn’t match up with the rhythm.” You’re left feeling a bit dumbfounded upon hearing these descriptors for the first time. They let out a small chuckle and ask “how could you listen to this garbage,” and all you can do is shrug your shoulders.

Your friend continues on about how U2 had original material and everything else derived from them, that it’s a disgrace that people only know Mr. Brightside and none of The Killers other songs. As your friend adjusts their imaginary monocle and takes a puff from their invisible cigar, you can’t help but feel inferior and outclassed. Maybe your music taste isn’t as refined as you thought, and you should ask your friend what music they listen to.

Or, perhaps instead of giving into needless peer pressure on completely arbitrary things (like music taste), you should enjoy what makes you happy and allow others to do the same.

Feature image courtesy of Cupcake Wednesday Tumblr