Olivia McDonnell in an over-sized T.

As Fall is in full swing, it’s time that fashionable teens know about the new trends that will set the tone for the season.

The seasonal changes are a moment of anticipation for fashionable teens. It’s an amazing opportunity to rethink your style and how you want your fall and winter looks to be this year. Many students love to create mood boards on Pinterest with their preferred style looks to decide which trends they would like to invest in. Then they create a list of items that they need to invest in to add to their fall basics and create the style they want. Another popular option is to find inspiration for style on Instagram accounts and save the best looks in the app.

Stephanie Obadia in a fuzzy jacket.

To help you prepare your fall looks, here’s a summary of the must haves of the season so that you know what items to add when creating your wish list. Many of these pieces are already many outfits worn by students, and they will continue to trend.

Jay Hee in cargo pants.

Boots: boots are a must for Fall; pair them up with anything and they will spice up the outfit right away! Commando boots, or Chelsea boots… anything works to improve an outfit.

Fuzzy Jackets: fuzzy jackets are trending, you can see everyone is wearing these everywhere! They are soft, comfy and basic so you could wear it with anything, from jeans to skirts, and they come in all different colors, find them in beige, black, or even red.

Plaid pants: these have made a comeback, becoming one of the most basic, but necessary items, as now everyone is wearing them. Pair them up with a sweater, a graphic tee, or a basic tee. You can combine the plaid pants with a beret or a beanie, a belt, and your whole outfit will jump to a whole different level.

Windbreaker jacket: believe it or not, windbreaker jackets are most likely to be one of the most stylish items this Fall; find this accessory at any local store; they will take an outfit from a one to a hundred right away!

Colby Mackenzie in a leather jacket.
Ezra Krathsmer in a colorful windbreaker.

Leather jackets: Instead of having a boring jacket, why not get a leather jacket? You can never go wrong with an immemorial fashion staple. It will spice up your outfit, keep you warm, and make anything look good with it! They are be worth the money as leather jackets last forever!

Oversized jackets and sweaters: oversized clothing items have been trending for quite a while, and it seems like they will still be trending for this Fall. They are comfortable and stylish, pair them up with anything and it will look amazing!

Photo courtesy by Isabella Bosse