Riverside’s Multicultural Leadership hosted a Christmas party for international students on December 9 in Madame Miriam Cyr’s Foods classroom.

Students enjoyed hot chocolate and shortbread cookies, staple food for the Winter holidays. There was a screening of How the Grinch Stole Christmas as well.

“This party gave the international students an opportunity to experience some traditional Canadian school activities,” said Ms. Catherine Yamamoto, the teacher for the Multicultural Leadership class. “How the Grinch Stole Christmas is shown at every grade before the Winter holidays, so it was nice for some of the students who never watched the movie to get to see it at least once.”

According to grade 12 student Timothy Tang, Christmas is still a relatively new concept in China. “I celebrated Christmas three times already. I like it when people give gifts to each other and I like taking part in Christmas activities,” said Tang. “My host families have always been Chinese, so I want to be able to experience what a real Christmas Dinner is like!” According to grade 12 student Guillermo de Andréa, Christmas is often celebrated in Brazil with a big feast with family and friends.

With winter break starting on December 16, international students are starting to plan activities for themselves as they experience their first Canadian Winter. “I want to try snowboarding in Whistler,” said de Andéa.