The Multicultural Leadership students are preparing for the eighth annual Night Market, taking place on November 18 in Riverside’s cafeteria.

Over the years, the Night Market became the trademark event for the Multicultural Leadership. “Every year I have a fabulous group of students that really outdo themselves,” said Ms. Catherine Yamamoto, the teacher for Multicultural Leadership. “It’s always hard to follow up, but every year the Night Market turns out great. This is the one event that all the International Students can identify, and now that the Night Market has been going on for eight years, the rest of the Riverside community understands the concept of the Night Market.” According to Yamamoto, last year’s Night Market had the biggest attendance in the event’s history

People going to the event can expect great food from all over the world, and a lot of great performances. “Several groups of students from the Music Composition class will performing at the Night Market, as well as a few choir members and dancers,” said Yamamoto. “I even invited a few alumni students to come back and perform.” Joonwon Go, Jeffrey Luong, Stephanie Pao, and King Wang are few of the many people who are expected to perform in the Night Market. As for the food, people can expect to find Bubble Tea, takoyaki, green-tea cupcakes, and pierogies.

There will also be a number of activities that are going to happen at the Night Market as well. According to Yamamoto, there are plans to have a chess corner, seeing as how there is a growing number of people joining the Chess Club. The Anime Club will also be hosting a separate classroom and will air an episode of “Squid Girl”, and the “Steamboy” film. Aside from that, there will be also door prizes. Admission is free for Riverside students, while it’s a $1.00 admission for family and friends. The food and door prize tickets are both $1.00. In the past years, the door prizes have been small gifts such as coffee mugs, tea, makeup, and toys. The Multicultural Leadership students are busy preparing for the Night Market, which is scheduled for November 18, starting at 5:00 pm.