Students in Ms. Jacquelyn Collins‘ Textiles class learned that creating something does not always mean buying new materials to be creative. They learned that it is about having a good mindset and coming up with good ideas. Collins decided to deliver that message by having her Textile class design Aprons using discarded street banners from the city of Coquitlam.

“This is the first time, we created something without buying materials. These aprons are made with street banners that we have repurposed and made into beautiful, meaningful aprons. Everyone made a different apron. One student made a barbershop apron that can hold scissors, combs and a mist sprayer, and another student made a kitchen apron that you use when you want to bake or cook something, and it might get dirty. Overall it turned out great; I loved everyone’s ideas and it looks amazing,” said Collins.

Niko Hung’s Hoodie.

One student particularly excelled in this project.

Niko Hung, a student taking the Textiles course for the second year in a row was challenged to design a hoodie and not an apron. She was given the same materials that were used to make an apron but used it instead to create pockets, a zipper, a hoodie hat and a design for her hoodie.

“I decided to challenge myself,” said Hung.  “I have made many projects and creations in the past consisting of boots, shirts, and dresses. I decided to the banners from the BC government and turn it into material that I could use for my hoodie. My hoodie is white and yellow with a BC government logo in the middle, it has pockets, a hoodie hat and a zipper that I have never made before. I am very impressed with my design and I really liked this project because it taught me that anything can be turned into a fashion,” said Hung.

“I want the message of these aprons to bring to our school that anyone can be creative. These aprons were not an easy job to do, it was quite challenging. Though, it was because of creativity and imagination of all my students that made this project a reality,” said Collins.

The project was such a success, Collins will be restarting this project next semester with sponsored banners from a banner artist in the Tri-Cities area, Elise Quarmby will be donating her old banners to the Textiles course next semester.