During the 2018-2019 school year, all students interested in participating in Ms. Claudia Durand’s Travel Club video contest will be given the opportunity to document their Riverside trip and have a chance to win a $500 scholarship for their post-secondary education. By taking part in this contest, students will be tasked with documenting a 3-4 minutes video, including the description of the trip, the impact that it had on their lives and the life lessons they learned throughout their journey. Students will be required to include a form of audio, such as background music or narration. Original pictures will also be required unless the sources are credited in a section of the video. This contest provides a unique opportunity for students to showcase their Riverside travelling experience and encourage others to participate in the school trips.

Riverside teacher and leader of the Travel Club, Ms. Durand, created the video contest after hearing about a similar idea from her friend, a teacher at Yale. He was the first one to introduce her to EF tours and explained the importance of the program for his students. This inspired her to put some extra money from the Italy-Greece trip towards the video contest, designed specifically for Riverside students, as it involves the media and digital aspect of the school. This contest not only involves an opportunity for students to reflect on their travelling experience, but it also allows them to document their trip digitally throughout their learning adventure.

Throughout the contest, Durand hopes that students will make sure to include every aspect of the trip, including their learning experience and growth. “I hope the video showcases the entire feel of the trip; the process of getting ready, experiencing the trip and reflecting on their experience afterwards,” said Durand. She also hopes students include how completing the task will help them with their post-secondary involvement and the area of education they’ll put the scholarship towards. “The goal of this project is to allow students to look beyond their community and show how a trip can change their perspective on life,” said Durand.

She also explained that the contest was designed to help students financially with their post-secondary education. “I want to be able to offer Riverside students a financial resource for their post-secondary involvement because there are a lot of scholarships with thousands of applicants and sometimes it can be very difficult to get accepted,” said Durand. She believes that this contest provides students with a better chance of getting chosen for a scholarship at Riverside.

Once students have completed their video for the project, they must upload it to Youtube and email a link to Ms. Durand @cdurand@sd43.bc.ca by June 3, 2019 at 4:00pm.

For more information about the video contest, head down to Ms. Durand’s room (room 111) at lunch on the first Friday’s of every month.