Ms. Teena Della’s Flying Club had a guest speaker come in on October 11 to speak about drone usage and the rules and regulations around drones.

Klassen presenting about drones

Kate Klassen, Director of Operations at Coastal Drone Co., spoke mostly of the idea of needing to be licenced to fly a drone of a certain mass, according to Ms. Della. “The quad copters we have at the school are not of that mass, so we do not need to be licenced for them, but the presentation was very informative for the students to learn more about drones. As a pilot, I’m hoping that they sort of take away that they should not be flying drones around an aircraft, because there was one time when a drone flew close to my aircraft, and it could have been dangerous,” said Della. Klassen also spoke to the students about what drones can be used for, such as delivery of medicine and food into outlying communities, as well as for photography and videography.

The purpose of the Flying Club is for the students see a possible career in aviation, to become be more interested in drones and flying, and to get their questions answered, according to Ms. Della.

Started in 2013, the Flying Club provides Riverside students with a space to explore anything to do with aviation. The group often goes for flights in Ms. Della’s plane, they build and launch rockets, watch aviation movies, go on field trips, fly drones, and have guest speakers. This year’s guest speakers will include a former F-18 military pilot, a water bomber pilot, and an aviation mechanic, stay tuned! Interested in the Flying Club? Meetings take place on alternating Fridays in room 215, with the next one being on November 8, the information can be found on Ms. Della’s website.