Lately, it’s become more popular to bring back old things, such as neon colors, pigtails and the Sony Walkman. Even though they were popular in the 70’s and 80’s, they are still fun to play with today. If you like songs from the 70’s and 80’s, it’s a pretty cool device that should be taken from the Dark Ages and brought back to the spotlight and embraced by teens once again.

Pretty much anyone can use it, and there are simple instructions for simple use. One can also record your songs on a cassette and take them on the go; no need for Spotify or Soundcloud anymore. As long as you have a large enough bag at all times, you’ll be able to carry all your favorite tracks. It’s not for everyone though; most teens today listen to songs on their devices, but others can push through the carrying of all the hardware and the recording of songs because they have a desire for vintage electronics and have an interest in Walkmans.

The nostalgia for old things is helped along by TV shows and movies which are bringing back that 80’s goodness that everyone loves, such as The Goldberg’s, That 80s show and Freaks and Geeks. These shows bring old things back in hilarious ways, such as actors using Sony Walkmans and their cassettes. In one of Marvel’s recent films Guardians of the Galaxy Chris Pratt (Star lord) carries a Walkman with him throughout the entire movie and the sequel as well. Guardians of the Galaxy gives the Walkman quite a large part in the movie with the semi-constant 70’s and 80’s music playing throughout, with all the songs coming from a cassette. This elevated Sony Walkman’s relevance and cool factor today.

If you like old vintage things such as the Walkman, then you should really buy it of someone or out of an antique store, because they last very long and they are coming back to life.