Five minutes to get from class to class is usually plenty; in fact, most of that time is spent waiting outside class for the bell to ring. But when you are stuck behind a slow walker, it takes away the chance to get to class without worrying about being late. It’s not too bad when there’s space to get around them, or they’re only there for a couple seconds, but that’s not usually the case. Most of the time many move just fast enough so that they’re impossible to get around, but still walking agonizingly slow.

Hallways are for walking from class to class. They’re not supposed to be used for walking so slow that grandmothers would be annoyed. If someone on crutches is moving faster than you, take it as a sign that you might be a slow walker. The rest of the student population cringes whenever an infamous slow walker is in sight.

Walking slow affects the entire hallway; it’s like being stopped on the highway during rush hour. Staircases are being backed up by those who can’t move their feet at an average pace, door jams are being squeezed through, and locker bays are used as substitute hallways for desperate students trying to get around the car crash that is slow walkers.

Students who walk at a far too leisurely pace are just as frustrating, if not worse, than the people that stand in the middle of the hallway. Getting around the students standing is a whole lot easier than getting around someone moving the same direction, no matter how slow. Walking down the hallway is supposed to be a simple action, but instead it becomes frustrating and an all-around annoyance.

So all you slow walkers- move your feet!