Grade 10 Lucas Desousa, and grade 12 Sarika Kashani, were both in Marketing 11 class this semester, and participated in a project that involved designing a logo for the RSS wear. Together they created a logo design that was later noticed by an employee at Zumiez in the Coquitlam center mall.
Kashani focused more on the actual logo and Desousa focused more on the marketing and business aspect of the project. “I was in the line at Zumiez getting ready to pay for my items, and my mom and I were talking about the hoodies. The cashier must have overheard because, she said that she thought the store might be interested in the logo,“ said Kashani.
“The next step now is to contact the buyers for Zumiez and send them samples of the products,” said Kashani.
Originally the two only ordered a few demos; they had 12 wind breakers, 28 hoodies, 5 hats and, 2 jerseys. The group already contacted a teacher from Charles Best Secondary, who is going to help them set up a website to get the business going. Kashani also has models from Terry Fox Secondary lined up to help with advertising the clothing.
“We have never had another business interested in our design or products before, so this is the first time,” said Marketing 11 teacher, Mr. Richard Rothenberger. The duo have thought of some names that they could call their business, one of them that stood out to them the most was, ‘Royal Rebellions’ inspired by the two R`s from ‘Riverside Rapids’.