For die-hard car lovers, few events sound more exciting than the Riverside Car Show. The gathering was an opportunity for auto-rookies and masters alike to get together and talk about their vehicles. None of this would have been possible without the Automotive and Yearbook teachers, Mr. Abraham Kang and Mr. Mike Schoenhals. Both teachers collaborated with the intention of highlighting the automotive program in the yearbook and of course, sharing the love of vehicles.

Cars have a remarkable way of bringing people together. They offer a chance for people to put aside their differences and tell (often) interesting stories about the lives their vehicles have led. What makes a vehicle wonderful is entirely dependent on the individual, though the general consensus is that appearance, price, and function are factors.

Chances are, Riverside students are familiar with the annual Port Coquitlam Car Show, which happens every summer during the month of August. Hundreds of old, new, and borrowed cars are featured for the general public to feast their eyes upon. With good food and live entertainment, this event is always a hit, as was the Riverside Car Show.

Driving is fun, but a privilege, and learning to drive is an ongoing endeavor. “I feel like people can always become better drivers. “If I could create a driving law, it would be that people get driving tests every 5 years.I am learning every day,” said Kang. ICBC offers practice tests and study guides for individuals who are learning to drive. In a world that is speeding up, knowing how to operate a vehicle is a great skill to have.


Feature Photo Credit: Google Images