Hey Riverside Rapids! If you are hanging around the Tri-cities over spring break,  here are some fun things you can do.


1. Pizzeria Spacca Napoli:

Pizzeria Spacca Napoli in Port Moody is an amazing destination for pizza lovers. Its traditional Italian-style pizza is made with the freshest ingredients and is cooked in a brick oven. The restaurant also offers a variety of other Italian dishes, including pasta, salads, and desserts. The atmosphere is warm and inviting, with rustic Italian decor and music playing in the background. The staff is friendly and attentive and will make sure you have a great dining experience. Pizzeria Spacca Napoli is the perfect spot for a casual family dinner or a romantic date night. If you’re looking for true Italian pizza, this is the place to go.


2. Burke Mountain Exploring:

Burke Mountain is a popular destination for hiking and mountain biking trails. The trails range from easy to difficult, providing something for all skill levels. The mountain offers spectacular views of the surrounding mountains, valleys, and lakes. The area is also home to many wildlife including bear, deer, and moose. For the more adventurous, there are several challenging single-track trails that are sure to test your skills. Whether you are looking for a leisurely stroll or a more challenging excursion, the trails on Burke Mountain offer something for everyone. Check out some of the trails here.


3. Western Sky Books:

Western Sky Books is a small bookstore located in Port Coquitlam that provides a unique variety of all kinds of books. They sell new and used books for an affordable price. They have passionate and knowledgeable workers who will help you find that perfect read for the holiday. Grab a coffee and spend some time browsing! Check out their website!



4. Coquitlam Express Hockey Game:

The Coquitlam Express hockey team plays this spring break on March 18. If you want high level hockey for an affordable price, this is the best ticket in town!  On March 18, the Coquitlam Express team is also hosting a men’s mental health awareness night to help spread awareness on men’s mental health, to help lessen the stereotypes regarding men and their mental health, to help them to speak up, removing the stigma attached. Check out their website here.

5. Drive-In Movie Night!

If all you want to do this spring break is relax, Twilight Drive-in Theatre is the place to go. Going to a drive-in movie theater is a wonderful way to watch a movie and have a fun night out. The drive-in theater is a unique experience that you can’t get anywhere else. Not only can you watch a movie from the comfort of your car, but you can also enjoy the outdoors with friends and family. The drive-in also offers a variety of food and drinks that can be enjoyed during the movie. The drive-in movie theater also provides a nostalgic feeling as it brings back memories of the past. The atmosphere of a drive-in movie theater is a fantastic way to have a fun evening with friends and family. For movie times and ticket prices visit http://twilightdrivein.net/