After a year filled with cancellations, live streams, virtual shows and reschedules in the concert world due to Covid-19, the summer of 2021 could be the slow restart for teens and adults to finally get their taste of summer concerts.

According to the CityNews 1130, ‘Vancouver live music scene could be back within months.’ Those who were anticipating summer 2020 to be filled with live shows from popular artists did not receive what they had hoped. Many were left disappointed because this meant they had to wait to watch some of their favourite artists perform. Alexis Forson, a grade 11 Riverside student, who loves going to concerts, was disappointed by a summer without live shows. “I had so many plans for this summer with my friends; we all love going to summer concerts.” Whether Hip-Hop artists, Country, or R&B, none would be performing live anytime soon.

After a long wait, fans have been greeted with great news since the COVID-19 re-opening stages have been announced. Popular festivals such as FVDED, an annual Hip-Hop festival, have announced their two-day live festival in Surrey, British Columbia for early July. Headlined by FLUME as well as G-Eazy. There will also be many artists on tour making a stop in Vancouver; these artists include Celine Dion, Tame Impala, and Harry Styles. “I’m glad the fans are at least getting some concerts because we really want to have those experiences we missed last summer,” said Forson.

However, it is not all good news for eager music fans. Not every concert and festival will be on for summer 2021. Popular Hip-Hop festival BREAKOUT has announced that they will not be providing Hip-Hop fans around Vancouver with the two-day experience due to COVID-19. However, even though BREAKOUT has been cancelled for this summer, they anticipate a return for next summer.

Seeing live music may not be the most important re-opening phase, but it does make people feel as if life is returning to normal.