Every year, on November 11, Canadians celebrate and honour those who fought for our country. It is a day of remembrance and as students, each year we gather in a school-wide assembly to recognize our veterans. This year’s assembly took place on November 10 and the theme chosen by the leadership classes was “Making a Difference.”

Kennedy Ross singing O’ Canada with the guest speakers

To start the assembly, the senior band performed “Amazing Grace”, which was accompanied by bagpipers Fraser Rostad, Zachary Letnes, and snare drummer Anton Cherevko. All throughout the hour, students were reminded to think about those who lost their lives at war

and were asked to brainstorm all the possible ways they can make a difference in the lives of others. This year’s guest speaker, Captain Donald Lamb from the Canadian Brigade group, talked about the significance of doing exactly that by sharing his experience with the student body.

The choir and band presented a number of songs and the Leadership students recited meaningful poetry, some of which was written by the students themselves. Jacques Van Wyk

Captain Donald Lamb sharing his experience with the student body

then played “The Last Post” and “Reveille” on the trumpet, as students partook in a moment of silence.

Many of the cities in British Columbia, as well as other provinces put together ceremonies in remembrance of our soldiers. Each year, Port Coquitlam organizes a service in Wilson Centre, in which our local veterans and members of the Royal Canadian Legion parade. Then, the names of our fallen soldiers are recognized and hundreds of PoCo citizens participate in a minute of silence.

The attendance at this year’s community Remembrance Day ceremony was greatly appreciated by everyone. Thank you to all who made a difference in our lives today.

Our Port Coquitlam veterans:

(1914-1918) – George Bates, Alexander Masson, J.R. Middleton, Arthur L. Hartree, Reginald Marshall, David Baird, J. McDonald, John Bruce, George Reid, D. McDonnell, James Taylor, Harry Oatway, Thomas A. Smith, William J. Hunter, Thomas McQueen, J. E. St. Pierre, Walter L. Raynes, James Redpath, Benjamin Seaborn, Walter Wigmore, D. Judd, H. Bradley, Frank Vint, Frank Upham, Rod Allison.

(1935-1945) – S. W. F. Baker, H. Barnum, E. R. Berkey, D. Davison, G. Davison, J. Earland, W. Krivak, R. Lonsdale, W. Kravak, H. McTavich, F. Meehan, J. G. Millership, A. H. Spinks, C. Tran, F. Treichel, H. L. Vanderveen, J. Zappia.

Students reciting poetry during Riverside’s Remembrance Day assembly
Remembrance Day parade in Port Coquitlam
Messages of hope written by the community to the fallen soldiers in Coquitlam
Remembrance Day parade in Coquitlam

Picture courtesy of Ava Ryalls and Riverside’s yearbook class.