Pumpkin carving, sugar highs, and scary stories, are all essential parts of Halloween, the scariest time of the year. From dinosaurs to cereal killers, from superheroes to sitcom characters, Halloween is the best holiday there is, and is also the ‘trickiest’ when it comes to getting the costume right!  So, to get this holiday started, here are some tips, tricks and costume ideas to help everyone get through the most fun day of the year!  

First, it’s cheaper and a lot more fun to get and make parts of your costume from Amazon or other websites then buy the whole costume from a Halloween store. Secondly, be aware that when Halloween comes around dressing up should be fun and playful not rude and mocking. That’s why you shouldn’t dress as a race or a culture that isn’t yours; we here at the Eddy just want to see creative and culturally appropriate costumes, and the same goes for when you are out in the community.  

Next, when putting jack-o-lanterns out, use fake candles in case you forget to blow out your candles at the end of the night. When going out with your friends, always bring a pillow case to store the extra candy, you never know how much candy you’ll get. Go out as a group; it’s more fun and safe. Always check your candy out before diving in, one never knows if someone did something nasty to it.

At the end of the night, don’t throw away those pumpkins and the seeds! Why not make a pumpkin pie or bake the seeds and have a trick or treating snack! It’s better for the environment to use it all up!

Every year a lot of the same costumes are recycled, and they might be getting a little old. However, but don’t worry, the Eddy has some costumes ideas that are unique and fairly easy to assemble:  

Here are seven last minute, unique costume ideas:

A dress and some toothpicks are all you need for this clever cactus costume.
Sheldon and Amy are easy to do; raid your parents’ closet for old T-shirts and sweaters!
Tin foil cupcake holders and a wig make for a perfect mermaid!


Go as a Google map! Cardboard and a printer is all you need!


Cardboard and a printer, along with some black tights, and Voila – Essential Oils!
An ‘oldy but a goody’ – the classic ‘cereal’ killer!
Lastly, don’t forget your pooch! Anything goes!