During early October, the hit artist Kanye West was criticized due to his anti-Semitic comments on social media. Kanye West released a tweet that outraged people all over the world, especially people a part of the Jewish community. The tweet contains a horrible threat made by Kanye West against Jewish people. “When I wake up, I’m going death con 3 on Jewish people.” Kanye tweeted another comment that doesn’t make sense. “I actually can’t be anti-Semitic because black people are actually Jew.” People have suspected that Kanye could have been under the influence while making this tweet, but further investigation shows that he has been making offensive and controversial comments on Twitter, and in interviews in the past.

Kanye West has been forgiven for some of his past controversial statements, but these recent anti-Semitic comments draw the line; hence, Kanye has been suspended from using Twitter and Instagram. Many ask what will happen to Kanye’s career and most will argue that he should not be supported as an artist and people should stop listening to his music because that would be supporting his anti-Semitic values. Kanye West has grossed over two billion dollars in his whole career, including his hip hop music and Yeezy brand. Kanye should not continue to make money off his music or other assets in the future because of his discriminatory and offensive statements. People need to realize that Kanye West is a terrible person and should not be supported.

There are many instances where Kanye has been discriminatory towards his fans, family, and others. He has caused outrage among many people in the world, such as the famous actress Jamie Lee Curtis, who said in an interview on the Today Show, “I woke up and burst into tears”, after she expressed her thoughts towards Kanye’s Tweet. Kanye has harassed his ex-wife by releasing private messages online about their marriage and arguments regarding their children. Kanye made threats towards Kim’s current boyfriend, Pete Davidson, such as Kanye wanting to physically harm Pete. During the Paris Fashion Week show, Kanye West wore a ‘White Lives Matter’ shirt which completely undermines the recent acts of the Black Lives Matter protests during 2020. Wearing the ‘White Lives Matter’ shirt is the same as making satirical jokes about modern day racism and the fight against it, many people are affected by racism to this day and by Kanye making these actions, only brings society one step back from eliminating racism. Society needs to realize that Kanye West is a terrible person and should never be supported, including listening to his music.

In the past two weeks of October 2022, Kanye has deservedly lost many assets and opportunities. Kanye has lost partnership with Adidas, Gap, Balenciaga, Vogue, and his bank JP Morgan Chase. He had an upcoming documentary being made about him that got cancelled, and his partnership offer with Sketchers was declined. The backlash against him shows that Kanye’s statements and opinions have finally reached a point where it is affecting his career. In total Kanye West has lost over two billion dollars’ worth of assets and forms of income; society must agree that he deserves this.

Feature Photo Courtesy of Getty Images