Hello everybody! My name is Amanda and I’m a clothing and fashion lover. I would describe my style as casual and comfortable for school with a little bit of my own pizazz. In this blog you’ll be learning about new trends, brands and a look into the high fashion and modeling world. I would like to start this blog with a discussion on a recent fashion of someone who seems to always be in the news.

Kanye West has received a lot of bad media over his “Kanye West X Adidas Originals Collection” (Yeezy Season 2 )Spring 2016 Ready-to-Wear Line that premiered on September 16 at The New York Fashion Show.

West has most definitely proved himself in the music industry, but West has recently been pursuing many projects that are, perhaps, beyond his abilities. Running for president in 2020 is one thing, but trying imagehis hand at fashion design doesn’t seem like his strongest asset. If his line keeps on displaying lots of muddy pallets, military looks and baggy pants, it’s most likely that the line will not survive on the streets or in the high end fashion world. Many female consumers do find tight garments such as pantyhose and tights not very flattering on different body shapes. As well, where will these garments be worn? They don’t look professional or glamorous.

West also had a lot of backlash for his color choices in the show. The first groups of models were wearing tones of pale, nude, and washed out pinks, the second group walked out in light browns, tans, army greens with charcoal accents, with the final group sporting all mostly blacks. With each color group all the models had complexions, hair color and skin tones to match what they were wearing. While West didn’t spell out to the media exactly what his intentions were with the color combinations, fashion designer A.L.T said “West’s choices still didn’t degrade the power of the clothes’ message.” Many, however, disagree with the statement. With these negative reviews, I don’t think West will be earning any respect for his controversial designs (from consumers or other designers.)