On Nov 6, 2020, Joe Biden was chosen as the 46 president in America. Kamala Harris, a black south Asian-American, was elected as the first woman to be the US Vice President. Her victory will inspire woman and woman of colour for years to come.

As a descendant of Jamaican and Indian immigrants, Kamala Harris opens a new chapter of black history in America. In 1913, the National Women’s Party wore white as one of the colors as a symbol of purity. Therefore, she was wearing a suffragette white pantsuit when she presents herself in front of the crowd. Geraldine Ferraro and Hillary Clinton who both participated in the presidential race before also wore white pantsuits. The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People believes that the political power of blacks and their contributions to shaping nation, communities, and culture have been overlooked, and in which black women have been at the head of leading their communities together toward greater representation and unity.

According to the international market research agency, among 1,000 interviewees including 389 Republicans and 419 Democrats on their views on the election. The results show that 90% of the Democrats interviewees agreed that Kamala Harris is the assistant to the party’s presidential Biden, and Kamala Harris is more popular than Biden among women, young people, and some Republicans. Moreover, the latest results show that 56% of respondents have a good impression of Kamala Harris, about the same as Biden, 42% have a favorable opinion of Trump. Kamala Harris can act as an important role in the United States. The percentage of female voters in the US general election is higher than that of males. 60% of the female voters surveyed have a good impression of Kamala Harris, overtake Biden’s 53%. Among young voters under the age of 35, Kamala Harris’s support is 62%, which is 60% higher than Biden. While 25% of Republican respondents had a good impression of Kamala Harris.

Kamala Harris then later stated her agreement with the nomination in a Twitter message, “Joe Biden can unify the American people because he’s spent his life fighting for us. And as president, he’ll build an America that lives up to our ideals,” saying that she believes Biden, who has spent his life fighting for Americans, can get people together and believes that once he becomes president, he can build a country that fits Americans’ ambition.

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