This is, undisputedly, the most important federal election since the 1980’s. The country remains divided over whether to endorse Harper for another four years, or, to end his regime and bring change to Canada.

After years of budget cuts and deficits, the “Fiscally Conservative” Tories have run their course, and before Harper’s decennial in office the country must choose to invest in Canada. Justin Trudeau and the Liberals, once a distant third, have proven themselves to be worthy opponents with the best plan for Canada; willing to take risks, Trudeau’s plan could kickstart the economy. Unlike his competitors, Trudeau has promised three years of deficits in order to properly invest in jobs, infrastructure and clean energy. With interest rates at an all time low, borrowing now will allow Canada to expand our economy with little long term deficits.

Trudeau’s philosophy will be a radical change from Harper’s budget cuts. Harper has nearly destroyed the CBC by cutting their budget by $115 million; the station has been forced to sell off many of their properties to stay afloat. The Liberal Party has promised to reinvest in the CBC, allowing Canadians from across the country to view important content produced by other Canadians. Trudeau has also promised $20 Billion over 10 years for Social Infrastructure such as affordable housing and child care spaces, something Tom Mulcair will fail to accomplish. Another important part of Trudeau’s plan is a tax-free childcare benefit, worth up to $533 a month. This will take financial stress off of the Canadians that need the most assistance instead of the richest, who simply don’t need the help. 

What the other parties fail to understand is that a balanced budget today will not lead to long term prosperity. Harper has failed to come with any feasible plans to successfully invest in Canada, holding strong to his belief in Trickle Down economics and low taxes.  With the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer, Canada’s economy “appears” to be trending up; however, the policies are only benefiting the richest of Canadians.  Tom Mulcair, the leader of the NDP has made exuberant promises without taking the proper steps to achieve them. He plans to tax corporations in order to pay for pricey social programs, yet fails to take into account the lashback Canada might experience. Mulcair’s ideas are great in theory, but are incredibly risky in Canada. Trudeau is the only leader that can follow through with his promises without damaging Canada; by taxing the richest of Canadians and dropping the tax on the middle class, more money can be pumped into the economy. 

One of Trudeau’s strongest assets is his ability to communicate. He’s survived countless Conservative attack ads, such as the infamous “he’s not ready.” Trudeau has proved that he has the knowledge, experience, and team to lead Canada into a new era of prosperity. Though we must borrow now, Canada’s economy will soon skyrocket. With these changes, he’ll be able to do something Harper never accomplished; Trudeau will balance and stabilize the economy. Canada must embark on a new path, and yes, with his new economic vision, the budget will balance itself.

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