Last year the Junior Boys soccer team did very well, making it all the way to the quarter finals of The Fraser Valleys. Although lots of the players from last year have moved up to the senior team, the players who were on the team last year will be trying to lead their team to a successful season once again.

So far this season the team has a record of 1 win, 1 loss, and 2 ties in league play. “We have some teams in the league that we should have beat to be honest with you,” said teacher/coach Mr. Clarence Chee. “I think our record should be at least three wins.”

“I feel like we could have done better so far, but we are growing as a team,” said grade 10 Daniel Volaric. “I think that we will be able to make the playoffs if we keep playing well for the rest of the season,” said Volaric.

Just last week the boys brought home Riverside’s first ever junior boys’ soccer trophy. After a hard fought tournament the team lost in the finals and came second at the Kwantlan Park Soccer tournament. They played very well and only conceded four goals all tournament. Although the boys will be disappointed that they didn’t come out as the winners, they will definitely be happy to bring a trophy back to Riverside.

The team beat Carney, Cariboo, and the hosts Kwantlan Park on route to the final. During those three games the boys conceded zero goals. Although they lost in the finals it was still a very good tournament for the team. Grade 10 Kishan Rao was the leading goal scorer for Riverside during the tournament.

Out of the ten teams in the district, five will make it to the playoffs. Riverside will have to perform better in league play if they hope to improve their record and make the playoffs. They will definitely be hoping that their great showing at the tournament carries over for the rest of the season.