The Riverside Secondary junior boys started the season with a rough two quick losses, but the team is now coming up strong with a win over Port Moody on October 10, and on October 3 the junior boy’s team also pulled off an impressive victory over Charles Best for the first time in six years, and for the first time ever on a home field. The win over Charles Best Secondary, a team known for dominating the season every year, may just be what turns the tides for the Riverside Junior boys.

The junior boys team is playing a standard four-three-three formation and are going up against teams with similar play. The two quick losses at the start of the season was due to the team was not working together but as individuals. As a result, the junior boys must win their next three games without a loss to make it to provincials. Although with the confidence boost from the win over Charles Best, the junior team knows they can beat all other teams in their division. “If we can beat Charles Best controlling the game like we did, we can beat anybody,” said Sohiel Hashemi a grade 9 player for the team.

The Team consists of twenty-one players, two goalkeepers, nine forwards, five defenders, and four midfielders. The Riverside Secondary junior boys have a tough journey ahead, but it looks promising as the players learn to work together more, now that they have played a few games together. There is no doubt from coaches or players that there is alot of skill on the team but it’s the teamwork that that will win this season for the Riverside boys.

The junior team’s players include: Maddox Colligan, Bailey Walker, Jonathon Karbowiak, Nick Ucrainet, Sohiel Hashemi, Adam Verba, Brady Vojvodica, Matteo Brazina, Yazan Osekrie, Leon DeGreiff, John Franca, Leo Ahn, Connor Kerr, Hamzah Zuberi, Paul Felekan, Sasha Zakirov, Braden Pearson, Aidan Lee, Stephen Songo, Lucas Hendricks, Mika Stork