Students learning fire starting skills.

As the outdoor club finished its first major trip to Seymour this past Thursday, January 18,  the club is looking forward to the new year and the new activities and events, from skiing and snowboarding to snowshoeing and shelter building. The club has been learning cool and new skills, such as fire starting with different types of materials, like flint to start their fires.

“Our fire starting workshop was a major success and the students were able to enjoy and feel proud of themselves for learning such an important skill,” said Ms. Erica McArthur. She also hopes to take students out to the wilderness later in the year to scavenge for the materials that are key to fire starting and survival. She will also be teaching a class where students will be able to learn their academics while enjoying the outdoors each week. Not only will students be learning about shelter building and wilderness survival, they will be enjoying the beauty of nature at the same time. “If anyone finds interest in this and wants to get out more and have fun, this is the class for you,” said Ms. McArthur. The course is an outdoor education curriculum class combined with Science, Math, and PE 10.

“There are still spaces available for the outdoor club events, so bring a friend next time and enjoy skiing or snowboarding down the hills of Seymour Mountain, as well as our snow-shoe trip later in the year,” said Mr. Jamal Ahmelich. Ms. Mcarthur and Mr. Ahmelich will be taking students out snowshoeing and teaching them about shelter building and possibly getting them to start a fire with the recent skills the club has learned. “The club is looking forward to the upcoming shelter building activity and other cool events coming up this semester,” said Mr. Ahmelich. Make sure to come by the first two Thursdays of each month to know when the next trip is.