By Karina, Ava and Adelyn

Rapid Change members sell SPC cards to students

Clubs are a great way to get integrated into the school community, and Riverside certainly has no shortage of them! Opportunities to make new friends and learn new skills can be found in every single club, ranging from board games to cross country. No matter what interests one may have, there is bound to be a way to get involved.

Hopefully, students had a chance to attend Riverside’s club day. There, they could sign up and be informed of all the various clubs in the school. Most clubs meet during lunch hours, as to not interfere with extra-curricular activities. The 2016 school year starts off with 24 clubs, with a possibility of more to be added.

Club members are all smiles for club day!

Among the many clubs offered at Riverside Secondary, each one meets the interests of almost everyone. There are sports clubs, drama clubs, academic clubs, and even some great opportunities to volunteer around the community. Rapid change, for example, run by Ms. Caroline Ross in room 118 is one that impacts most of the activities and fundraisers here at school, as well as the B.C Children’s Hospital club, which meets in room 109 on Tuesdays with Mr. Brian Chan.

Badminton team members on club day

“Joining my club provides a unique opportunity for students to watch the best movies ever made,” said Dr. Catalin Ursu, in regard to the movies club. Club members meet in room 211 every Friday after school. “All you have to do is pop in, sit down, and watch.” The same goes for the breakfast club on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8-9am in room 126 with Ms. Bonnie Angstadt, which is geared towards students who don’t have time to eat before leaving home in the morning.

Signing up for clubs are easy

For those who enjoy being active or spending time outside, there is also a cross country club, run by Ms. Tara Keating on Mondays and Thursdays after school at Gates Park. It’s perfect for getting some exercise before heading home for the day. Another club based on physical activity is the outdoors club, where students can enjoy activities such as exploring, hiking, and spending time in nature. Mr. Jamal Ahmelich is in charge, and they meet after school on Thursdays in room 212.

Grade 9 Riverside student, Sloane Schultz, believes that the knitting club provided by Ms. Erica McArthur is a good way to not only improve one’s skills, but to do so in a fun and friendly learning environment. The club meets Wednesdays at lunch in room 218. Although, it’s not the only teaching club at the school. The science fair club, run in room 200 on Tuesdays during lunch hours with Ms. Claudia Durand helps students expand their academic skills. The board game club with Ms. Jacquelyn Collins provides another opportunity to learn. It is run Thursdays throughout lunches in room 106. At the same time in room 214 is the chess club with Ms. Catherine Yamamoto.

There’s a club of interest for everyone

For students whose interests aren’t sports or academics, Riverside also has entertainment and art clubs. Ms. Nicole Roberge’s improv club on Fridays after school in the drama room is a great way to get to express oneself and create friendships along the way. The school also has its very own anime club. Those interested should check out room 214 on any Tuesday at lunch and enjoy the company of fellow otaku!

Joining any of these clubs can make the school year just that much more interesting, so stop by whichever one interests you the most! If there happens to be a club that hasn’t been listed, visit the Riverside club section for additional information.