Every day we are astonished by all of the new technology coming into this world. One of the newest technological advances that has arrived is Wi-Fi in cars. Although some people are very happy with this, some think it is ridiculous and not necessary at all.

Some people look at is as a very smart idea. If a family is going on a long road trips, it will definitely keep the kids busy for the majority of the trip. It is very helpful to have Wi-Fi in cars if anyone ever needs to send a last minute email for work or needs to download something very quickly. Other than these few points Wi-Fi in cars is very unnecessary. Distracted driving is already a very big problem in the world today. We should be doing things that decrease the amount of accidents caused by distracted driving, not increasing them. Having Wi-Fi in cars is just going to give people another reason to go on their phone and be distract them.

The world already revolves around technology. Cars are getting more technological by the day but Wi-Fi is not necessary. One of the main reasons these cars are being made is so kids have something to do in the backseat. That’s ridiculous, kids do not need Wi-Fi to keep them busy. Although lots of kids growing up today believe that without Wi-Fi or without technology there is nothing to do. A decade ago kids actually played games with each other in cars instead of having their eyes locked on a little screen.

Next month, General Motors will officially launches 4G LTE for the new Chevrolet Malibu sedan. Lots of people have asked questions about who this will appeal to. OnStar, the company operating the 4G service, is advertising all of the benefits it will provide parents whose kids will now be happy in the backseat watching movies, texting, and playing games.

Another question that has been asked is why somebody wouldn’t just buy mobile data on their smartphone instead of paying for this extra Wi-Fi in their car. The OnStar service will have a variety of plans for people to buy ranging from $10 to $50 a month.