Want to save the environment? Want to save some money? Want to look styling? Thrifting is the answer to all three of these questions.

In the past, thrifting was viewed as an activity one did out of necessity and financial need. However, thrift shopping has recently begun to lose its stigma and has been recognized for its social, environmental, and personal benefits. Thrifting is a great way to reduce waste and pollution, by spending less money on pre-worn clothes. It also provides an opportunity for individuals to have a creative and unique style with original clothing pieces. By promoting originality and reducing carbon footprints, thrift shopping has become a better alternative to buying clothing from corporate companies.

One of the main benefits of thrift shopping is that it is environmentally friendly. Clothing manufacture requires a lot of energy for production and transportation, which leads to a significant increase of pollution. By recycling clothing and contributing to a healthy environment, thrift shopping reduces waste and prevents over-production. According to an article from Reader’s Digest Canada, second hand stores save more than 650 million pounds of clothing from landfills annually, by recycling worn clothing pieces. Overall, thrifting is an excellent way to reduce carbon footprints and prevent over-consumption.

Thrift shopping also has a positive social impact on our society. Many second hand stores support local charities and encourage community development. Consumer proceeds can go towards community building projects and employment opportunities. Thrifting also allows consumers to track their clothing donations and become more aware about the benefits of donating clothing locally.

Another benefit of thrifting is that it encourages consumers to have a unique wardrobe. Thrift stores often have one-of-a-kind clothing pieces that allow customers to explore unique and eclectic styles. The selection is constantly changing and there is always a variety of clothing to choose from. There may also be hidden designer products and quality brands that customers can receive for a discount. Thrifting is also a great opportunity to look for vintage items and styles from different decades.

Grade 12 Riverside student Julie Johnson Lepine in conjunction with Riverside’s Fashion Club is helping the thrifting cause. They are hosting their own “Thrift Shop Pop-Up” on Friday, December 6, in the foyer at lunch. Students who would like to find unique and original clothing pieces to add to their style are welcome. A portion of proceeds will be donated to Holiday Hampers. Lepine is also organizing the event as part of her Capstone Project.

Thrift shopping has many positive impacts on the community and environment. Its affordability allows customers to experiment with creative outfits and develop their own personal style. It is also good for the environment and helps prevent climate change. For these reasons, thrifting should be encouraged and recognized for its beneficial efforts.