Back in April when the baseball season started not one Blue Jays fan would of thought the team would be division champions and in the playoffs for the first time in 22 years. All throughout the first half of the season, the Jays were their usual selves. The team kept hovering around the .500 win percentage mark and that never would get them into the playoffs. The attendance was nothing special for home games and everyone thought it was just going to be another disappointing year for the Blue Jays. This all changed around the time of the trade deadline day.

Blue Jays general manager, Alex Anthopoulos, decided to make a lot of big moves and try to boost his roster and try to make the playoffs. The first big trade that Anthopoulos made was trading for five time all-star shortstop Troy Tulowitzki. This shocked all baseball fans and especially all of the Blue Jays fans across the country. All of the fans were ecstatic about this acquisition, but what the fans didn’t know was that the Jays young general manager was not done yet. Anthopoulos made one of the biggest trades in Jays’ history by trading one of the best prospects in the MLB for another five time all-star. This time it was starting pitcher David Price. This trade sent shockwaves throughout the entire league and all teams realized that the Blue Jays were real contenders now. He also added outfielder Ben Revere just a few hours after getting Price.

All across the country fans started ‘jumping on the Blue Jays bandwagon.’ A team lead by these three acquisitions along with the likes of Josh Donaldson, Jose Bautista, and Edwin Encarnacion made this team one of the favourites to win the World Series. Rogers Center started selling out game after game and fans were giving their support from all across the country. The team started to give all these fans something to cheer about for the first time since winning it all in 1993. Ever since the trade deadline, the Jays have been the best team in the league by far. All of their hard work paid off when the team won the division and clinched their first playoff appearance in 22 years. The Jays now start their playoff run on October 7. One thing is certain and that is that they will have the support of every fan across the country.

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