Based off the original Archie comics, Riverdale was an immediate hit with teens in 2017. Featuring former Zach and Cody star, Cole Sprouse, the show is filled with celebrities such as fellow former childhood star, Vanessa Morgan. Is it time to retire Riverdale? Has the show run its course?

While the casting structure of the show is impressive, the plotline spirals from side to side as the seasons go on. The first season includes a ‘Whodunnit’ mystery in an attempt to hook the audience in and send them on a wild ride. Add an excessive amount of high school cliques, stereotyping, a cliché teacher student relationship, and overdramatized teenage angst, and you’ve summed Riverdale up. The second season focuses more on the Black Hood, who isn’t much of a mystery figure at all, and turns out to be the most obvious suspect. The show features Betty Cooper in the first season and portray her as a person with a possible mental illness, and yet somehow manages to completely mis-portray this in the following seasons. While the actors are new and popular, grown adults should definitely not play and portray teenagers! And let’s face it, these actors aren’t teens anymore, so why are they playing teenagers? A decent effort by the writers, but they missed the mark on that. Teenagers in TV shows aren’t meant to be gorgeous or stunning, they’re meant to be relatable and at their awkward stage of life. As the first season ends with a character getting shot (big surprise!), you can’t help but notice how many loose ends are left when the current plotline is solved. Was the cliff-hanger at the end of the first season an attempt to reel in the audience? At the end of the second season, the Black Hood is revealed, and we are led to believe everything is all wrapped up. Think again! In a desperate turn of events, Archie Andrews is arrested for being a person of suspicion in a murder mystery…again. The third season starts with a recap of the first two seasons, but still doesn’t answer all the gaping plot holes, which is all anyone can focus on. It leads viewers to wonder, “Is three seasons too much?” Should this show have been ended at the conclusion of the second season?

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