Why is mental stress increasing for international students? International students from all over the world are suffering from homesickness and depression due to the Covid-19 pandemic which began in January 2020. The matter is causing them to become nostalgic and miserable and they are finding ways to overcome it. This epidemic has left international students in anxiety and they are left to deal with financial difficulties.

“I feel very alone because of the Covid-19. Even if there is a chance of returning home, the lack of time due to the self-quarantine regulations is preventing me from doing so,” said grade 11 Riverside international student, Hannah Kim. Another international grade 12 Riverside student, Taylor Jeon, said, “Because of the virus, all of the restaurants and community centers are shut down and this has made me feel lonely and frustrated. I have to stay home all the time.”

Conversely, some international students are not concerned with the borders closing and not being able to travel back home. According to Michael Lee, who is currently attending Simon Fraser University, believes that this pandemic seems to have given him time, as a gift. He is able to find new hobbies that he couldn’t have done before and he sees this time as an opportunity to self-develop.

Aside from the international students, a guardian with a large number of students at Riverside Monique Park, who is in charge of taking care of the students both mentally and physically said, “Seeing the students struggling, I feel sad. Being a parent myself, I can understand how frustrating it is for them to not be able to see their families. I wish there was more that I can do but the only thing I can do is just be by their side and cheer them up.”

Not only has this pandemic caused emotional problems, but international students are suffering financially too. An international student, Jiyoon Park, who is currently attending University of British Columbia is facing financial issues. “The tuition fees for an international student is much more expensive and loans are not an option. So, my parents pay for my tuition and they have sent me a living allowance. But my parents are laid off from their jobs and I can no longer receive support from them. I need to find a job, but I can’t even do that,” she said.

Despite these concerns, there is no exact way to solve this global issue. It is still an ongoing pandemic where no solution has been presented. Therefore, international students must face their problems and overcome them on their own.

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