New Media 10 students made indigenous podcasts at Riverside Secondary from October 29th to November 12th, 2019 to address the history of residential school survivors and missing and murdered women of indigenous culture.

The podcasts that New Media 10 students created had a great impact on the students making them. A lot of the stories they researched were very dark and sad, but they stayed strong and perused along their path of seeking information, and for them to do this at a very young age was surprising to see.

According to Aminat Barakhoeva, indigenous people had a lot of hard times in their lives.

The indigenous podcasts were very professional, the time range of these podcasts was meant to be between 8-10 minutes in length. ”I like how the stories were very detailed and how interesting they were,” said Barakhoeva a student from Riverside Secondary who listened to the podcasts.

There were other items that needed to be completed with the podcasts as well, which included the art pieces made by Drawing and Painting 12 students. The art students put a large amount of effort in these drawings for them to be outstanding.

After making the indigenous podcasts, the teacher of the New Media 10 class, Mr. Barazzuol knew that the other new media classes moving forward were also going to make podcasts and he seeked funding to buy new microphones, so he reached out to the Vancity Credit Union and showed them the podcasts his class created.

Vancity was impressed and listened to these podcasts, eventually agreeing to help the school and offer money, which will go to getting good quality equipment for the upcoming new media classes. Mr. Barazzuol also reached out to CBC news and they offered the class to go to CBC on a tour as an upcoming field trip.

The class will attend CBC on January 9th.