In February of 2000, Electronic Arts, published the first edition of The Sims which would lead to The Sims series. The very popular video game, which allows players to create and control “Sims,” was released 15 years ago, and the game has developed in many different ways.
The very first version of the game was simply named “The Sims” or “The Sims 1” and was a spin-off game frSims 4 Arts and Entertainmentom the game “SimCity.” To start out, the player can either chose from pre-made Sims or the player can create their own Sims. Then, players can either build a house or re-furnish a house that’s already been made. The Sims 1 has sold millions of copies and because of its success, The Sims 2 was released in 2004.
The Sims 2 introduced major changes to the gameplay. Previously, Sims didn’t age and only died by accident. The Sims 2 introduced the aging system. The new objective of the game is to play with a Sim from Baby to Elder and build relationships and skills.
There were also many new features, and each of them contributed to making each Sim unique. Most of the new features from The Sims 2 were included in The Sims 3, which was released in June, 2009. The Sims 3 included a whole new view called ‘map view.’ In previous versions, Sims would be confined to one ‘lot’. This new open world, allowed Simmers to get from one end of the town, to the other end without any loading screens. The new view feature also allowed players to zoom in on any part of the map and watch Sims walking around and talking.
Finally in September, 2014, The Sims 4 was released. This version of the game removed the open world and map view and added “multitasking,” a component which allowed Sims to do three things at once. The Sims 4 is still in progress and continues to add new elements to the game with each new update.
The Sims Series has been a popular game series, ever since it was released 15 years ago, and each update allows players to create personalized and unique Sims.