Riverside Secondary School has multiple programs, sports and alternative activities, many of which are currently active with teams practicing and playing games. Let’s have a look at the upcoming sports to look forward to and when they will start. 

Last year’s sports and other programs suffered because of COVID 19. Will this year be a repeat of last year or will it go above expectations? 

In an interview with Mr. Colombo, we asked him a series of questions involving how the sports programs would work this year. According to Riverside Secondary School’s athletics director Mr. Colombo, this school year there won’t be any sports that are cancelled because of COVID 19. 

These past two school years there have been many changes due to COVID 19. It has impacted the school’s curriculum, programs and scheduling. Luckily, this year sports were an exception.  

“This year I am proud to say that all sports are open for students,” said Mr. Rob Colombo when asked if there are any sports that are cancelled this year due to COVID 19. Currently we are in winter sports season, thus the current sports that are available to join are volleyball, basketball, lacrosse and curling. Basketball will have its playoffs after winter break. 

 Then once spring and summer sports season arrive it will come with some brand-new activities to participate in. Some of the sports available will be soccer, badminton, and Ultimate Frisbee. 

The boy’s Lacrosse team is currently searching for members. The grade 10 boys’ Basketball team was delayed since they were short on players and needed a coach.  

The girls’ basketball team has started practices; however, games have not started. Volleyball is one of the sports that are currently having games.  

Mr. Colombo is currently coaching the junior boys’ volleyball team as well as the boys’ lacrosse team.