By Ella Aspinall 

Riverside Secondary staff have plans this holiday season with their friends and family.  

This year different staff members from Riverside Secondary were interviewed regarding their holiday plans, traditions, and potential vacations. Pamela Luddu, a school counselor, said There are many family traditions we have but one of my favorite traditions is when we go to Potters at the end of November. Each of us in our family picks a new ornament for the tree. The idea is that it is reflective of our personality and for our kids, it is usually something they are interested in that year. It adds some fun character to our family Christmas tree.

School youth worker Monica Brochu said, her favorite part of the vacation is “being able to sleep in and stay up late.” 

Different traditions for both families but one thing they do have in common is snowy sports. “We spend a lot of time socializing and connecting with friends and family. We also try to get out to the ski hills and get some snow time in” said Luddu. Brochu said we love to go skiing over the break, always a fun time. 

When asked if the staff enjoys time away from their students Brochu said she enjoys time away to be with herself but still worries about her students. Luddu said “I believe it adds a healthy balance with supporting my students and supporting my own self-care” 

Several Riverside Secondary staff enjoy a lowkey holiday with their families. Luddu also said, my favorite part of the holiday is spending time with friends and family, I love the family dinners, get together and watching holiday movies. 

Riverside Secondary staff all have very different, but equally interesting holiday traditions. Even though they may spend some time preparing for school after the break staff members still make the most of their holiday time.