For the past nine years, we have had economic growth, growing from 1.3 to 1.8 trillion dollars. Stephen Harper has had a strong, powerful message that has helped Canadians. In 2014, we even had a budget surplus, one year ahead of schedule. According to the National Post, Justin Trudeau plans to “Grow the economy from the heart,” whatever that means. This is one of his many immaturities, and illustrates how he is not mature enough to be the leader of a trillion dollar economy. If you look at his qualifications, he is ‘just not ready.’ We need a leader who continues to stand up for our interests, especially with a northern arctic sovereignty crisis emerging. Do you think that Mr. Trudeau will be able to stand up to Vladimir Putin on the arctic? I think not.

Back in 2011, the Conservatives won a majority in the House. The fact is, the majority of Canadians are the same, or better off since the party came to power. Many Canadians believe the country is on the right track, and that we need a strong, stable national government that focuses on the economy, especially in times of uncertainty. We have seen it time and time again, provinces with elected NDP or Liberal governments trying to spend their way to prosperity, and ending up with massive debts that harm the middle class and hang on the backs of future generations. Take Ontario for example, if they were an independent country, they would be in more trouble than Greece (Globe and Mail). We can only imagine what they would do if elected federally. The path we are on has not caused us any problems, so why change it?

Tommy Mulcair of the NDP believes that everything can be solved by raising/introducing new taxes and raising the minimum wage. Firstly, the minimum wage is provincially regulated, so even if he was to be elected, he could not do anything about wages. Secondly, if the minimum wage rises, employers will have to lay off people, resulting in unemployment which could contribute to a recession. Back in 2007, Tom even applied to work for the Tories, but rejected the job after insisting on an outrageous salary of $150,000. This just shows how deeply rooted he is in self-interest.

Justin Trudeau is no different. Firstly, he has no experience on the job. He has only been an MP for four years, and prior to that was a drama teacher. According to the Globe and Mail, Mr. Trudeau raked in $277,000 alone in speaking fees from just 17 speeches in his first year of being an MP. The Conservatives “Just not Ready” ad has resonated with a lot of people. Although he may “talk the talk,” he won’t be able to “walk the walk.”

This election is going to be closer than any other election since the 1990’s. Justin may have nice hair, but he doesn’t represent the majority of Canadians, especially young people who don’t want a budget deficit hanging on their backs. Canadians have two clear choices, stay the course that has brought us to economic prosperity, a budget surplus, and a safer, stronger country or will we change and risk out surplus with running budget deficits, increased spending and increased taxes for the majority of Canadians, and part time workers. To me, the decision is obvious.

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