Students completing the project by hanging their lanterns in the foyer.

Halloween is just around the corner and what better to celebrate the festivities than with some Halloween themed lanterns.

Jacquelyn Collins’ 3D art classes have been making lanterns that were set up in the foyer on Wednesday, October 23. 

The class was given the assignment to challenge and develop their skills by building a 3D form using bamboo. Collins assigns the activity to her class for two reasons; one is to challenge her students, and two, because the assignment is a popular one, and students often express the desire to make them. When students indicate an interest, I embrace it,” said Collins. 

When making the lanterns in class, the students first brainstorm ideas for their own design and then choose their favourite. Students then make a clay version of their design, so they can envision it in 3D form. The students then design how they will put the bamboo together by drawing lines on their clay figures. 

When they start building, they have to use hot glue to put their bamboo into the form they wish, and after that’s done, they glue coloured tissue onto the lantern shape while leaving a hole in the lantern somewhere to be able to put candle in the lantern. This, of course, will only happen after students take them home. 

The assignment took about three weeks to finish in entirety. Many of the lanterns have a lot of detail and some of them have a simpler shape, but all of them celebrate Fall and the Halloween season in some way. 

So, while walking in the foyer, look up and enjoy the wonderful lanterns!