I would have never have thought in a million years that young kids would be applying tattoos to their hair. This past week, teen fashion icon Kylie Jenner recently posted another one of her selfies showing off the new trend. The tattoos themselves can be compared to regular temporary tattoos that you’d apply to skin and they work the same way. Just lay the tattoo flat to the hair (preferably straight hair for a better application), dab it with water, pull off the backing paper and there you go, a cool and different hair style to show off to your family and friends that can simply be washed off in the shower. The tattoos come in a variety of shapes and patterns, but the trendiest styles are the silver and gold metallic. The style ideas are endless, from full headbands to small embellishments, and the tattoos are also a great idea for upcoming Christmas and New Year’s events. The trend will hopefully become another great outlet for young girls to experiment with creative ideas with the interest of hair and design.The art form many even become as main-stream as “nail art” but now it will be “hair art”. The temporary metallic tattoos can be found at drug stores such as Walmart, Target and London drugs, with prices ranging from $5.99 to $15.

all photos are from http://www.buzzfeed.com/alisoncaporimo