On Thursday, December 7, Riverside’s Photography 10 class went to Granville Island to explore different parts of Vancouver’s landscape. The Granville island field trip was meant to be a test field where students were able to show their understanding of aesthetics of the principles of design and the proper ways of using a camera. It was a memorable experience that many students look forward to every year.

Riverside Photography 10 teacher, Ms. Teri Bates, expressed the importance of exploring different perspectives throughout the field trip. “It is where an urban environment meets a residential and industrial environment, all in one place,” said Bates.
Bates explained that this trip allowes students to explore taking different pictures from many angles, such as from the bottom of the Granville street bridge, which spans the island.

The trip was also meant to offer a lot of different perspectives and different points of views of Vancouver’s nature. Grade 9 Riverside student, Veronica Hyvarinen, was one of the many students who went on the exciting field trip. Hyvarinen took photos of many flowers, boats and bridges. “My pictures didn’t turn out as good as I wanted them to be, but I did capture a few good ones,” said Hyvarinen.

“Photography 10 is the intro to photography here at Riverside so if you’re looking to try something new, you should take photography 10,” said Bates.

feature photo courtesy of Veronica Hyvarinen.