Mr. Robinson`s Science 9 class takes learning outside of the classroom with Brightness project

Light poverty is a reality for many in the Dominican Republic


Mr. Robinson`s grade nine science class has started a project to help build lights for people who experience ‘light poverty’ in the Dominican Republic. The class was split into multiple smaller groups to focus on all of the different aspects of this project.

One group in particular, Janna Grant, Angelina Johnston and, Sabrina Sharifzada, focused on fundraising and raising awareness about the problems for the people in the Dominican Republic. Other groups had different jobs, such as building the lights and various other ways to help the project.

“Our class chose this project because we are all very focused on connection based learning – this project is very meaningful. We aren’t just learning about science, we are also learning more about the events that are happening around the world” said Grant.

The Dominican Republic needs help to raise money. “The government and individuals do not have a lot of money to pay for the expenses that lights would cost,” said Johnston.

The grade nine class got their idea for this project from a New Brunswick science class. The group, as well as the whole class, video chatted with the New Brunswick classroom. The teacher, Mr. Ian Fogarty, shared fundraising ideas and gave the class an estimate on how much money that they should raise; he even shared the design that they used for their lights.

After the class had some more information about what they needed for this project, they needed to connect with the Dominican Republic. The science nine class video chatted with two teachers and two students from a local school. The Dominican Republic teachers and students explained the light poverty that people experience.

The Dominican Republic really needs our help, “People have resorted to using candles to light their house but this has not been very useful as it has resulted in multiple houses being burned down” said Johnston.

This project is not only about helping the Dominican Republic, it is a great opportunity to learn new skills. “We would like to build communication skills and raise awareness as well as connect and go out of our comfort zone a little bit” said Sharifzada

If you do not wish to bring in money there are other ways to donate as well. Mr. Robinson has a ‘Go Fund Me page’ for people who would like to contribute.

Here in the West people take many things for granted, most don’t even think about essential things like light. People need to open up our eyes and see that there are less fortunate who can be helped and change their whole life. Imagine going to home every day and not being able to find a pencil or notebook or anything. All that the Dominican Republic wants is light.