The girl’s field hockey team started the season with many new players and the team had lots of fun as well, according to the team members.

The Riverside team is lucky to have experienced players and a talented goalie, grade 9, Jessica Gonzales. This is her first year playing and so far she’s done a great job defending the team’s net and preventing the opposite team from scoring, and she will have four years to develop her skills too. The team coaches are Ms. Joni Blaxland, who has been coaching the team for twelve years, and Ms. Bindy Johal, who has been teaching the team for four years.

“Our expectations would be to get better every game we play as a team and communicate,” said Blaxland. The team has already played five games, one where they beat Westwood in Maple Ridge, and another one where they tied game against Maple Ridge. “We expect the season to be very enjoyable and amusing for everyone, I mean, so far we’ve already won a game!” said Angie Johnston, grade 11 student at Riverside.

The players have been practicing every Monday after school and playing two games every week with the coaches teaching the new members of the team more about the sport. “It’s good having new members on the team because most of them are grade nines and we’re only losing two students to graduation, so those losses won’t affect us too much,” said Ms. Blaxland.

Half the team has never played the sport before. “We don’t think we will make it to Fraser Valleys, but we are trying hard and having lots of fun along the way!” stated Jayna Bettesworth, grade 11 student at the school. New players mean an opportunity to build the team.

Their last game for the season was Wednesday, October 17th, and Thursday, October 18th the team went into playoffs, where it was single knock out.

With the recently joined new players, team work and communication, the girl’s field hockey team had lots of fun this season. Good job Rapids!

The players are: Joni & Bindy, Ryann McCready, Keisha Nagorr, Aneka Tonn, Mackenzie Clarke, Sydney Ilaender, Clare Magura, Megan Peterson, Ammarah Siddiqui, Lindsay Bettesworth, Jayna Bettesworth, Angie Johnston, Jessica Lillycrop, Myra Qualitz, Jaidasen Walker, Lara Kawasme, and Jessica Gonzalez.