Riverside Secondary automotive course teacher, Mr. Abraham Kang has created a new girl’s Automotive class that will be in the course selection process that occurs semester two. Although, the course won’t start until the 2018/19 school year.
Riverside’s Automotive all girls’ course is meant to inspire girls to learn basic skills or help to advance them into a career that involves automotive.

Kang wants to establish a comfortable environment for girls with this course. Some girls who are interested in learning how to maitain their own cars might not take the course in a mixed gender class, often because they are outnumbered. “I hope that this will be a safe environment where they can feel comfortable enough. There’s no pressure; they can learn basic skills that will be beneficial for them for the rest of their lives,” said Kang.

There are only two girls in his current Automotive class. Kang hopes that more girls will consider joining girls’ Automotive class. “The course is meant to get young women into learning how to do their own oil change or flat tire,” said Kang. Riverside Grade 9 student, Malayna Pitt wants to join the automotive class. She is currently in Power Tech 10, which is a prerequisite for Automotive. Pitt is motivated to learn the skills as she has someone in her family who is a mechanic.

“I think it’s really helpful and fun. Mr. Kang is a good teacher and helps you to try and learn something new. It’s also good if you have a car and need an oil change because, instead of paying someone 100 dollars, you can do it yourself,” said Pitt.

Mr. Kang started the all girls course three years ago and has successfully ran two all girl classes. He hopes to get the same results next year, but it will depend if enough girls are interested and sign up during course selection in semester two.