Lilly with some girls from Kenya whom she has helped provide education for.

Lilly Singh, also known as “iisuperwomanii”, is a famous Canadian YouTuber with over 12 million subscribers and has started a campaign to stop “girl on girl hate” which has succeeded with outstanding results. The movement started off with a video she posted at the end of 2015, where she explained her passion for this movement that isn’t always acknowledged. Ever since then, the campaign has not only grown, but it has become recognized by various celebrities and other Internet sensations: such as, Shay Mitchell, Michelle Obama, Colleen Ballinger and Lindsey Stirling, among others. The video has many of Singh’s friends supporting the movement she started. “Look at other girls as sisters, and not as competition,” said actress Shay Mitchell. The main goal is to encourage women of all ages to spread love between each other. “As women, we know how awesome women can be,” said Singh.

Lilly Singh wearing both Rafiki designs.

Not only young girls, but also older women often find reasons to feel threatened by other women. What is the reason for this when women, know the challenges of being a girl? It is better to help each other out than to put each other down. This is the message that Singh is focused on. “It’s time to change the game, and know what’s really cool is complimenting other women,” said Singh. “Together we can show the world how lame girl on girl hate is, and how awesome it is to support one another and build women up,” the YouTuber explained.

An inspiring saying found on the twitter account.

To support the cause, a GirlLove Rafiki bracelet was launched and the money collected goes towards providing education for girls in Kenya. There are two designs,the second one launched after the first’s great success. Both designs are “handcrafted by a Mama in Kenya who is empowered through earning a fair wage for her work” and each design is unique from another as they are made with “traditional art forms,” according to the website. Ever since the campaign was launched, Singh has been to Kenya twice and even helped with making the bracelets. She has created a bond with the girls whom she has helped provide an education for.

The campaign has its own Twitter account where positive and uplifting messages are posted. Acknowledgements are made for hardworking girls and women like: Demi Lovato, Amber Rose and Malala; who are making an impact in their own way. Give them a follow if you want to find all these on your feed!

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