Hickelstock was formed in August of 2017 and has been preforming show-stopping song covers ever since. The band was formed by Zdenko Fiegelstock, who is also known to his friends as Jr. He has been the backbone of group. Jr holds the position of lead guitarist, while the rest of the band consists of six people. Luka Feigelstock, a grade 9 in Riverside Secondary, plays the drums. His father is Jr. who first inspired Luka to pursue learning a musical instrument. The lead bass player is fellow Riverside grade 9 student Enzo Hickman. Enzo’s younger brother Diego Hickman is featured as a vocalist, and currently is enrolled in Citadel Middle School in grade 7 along with Nico Rendulic who plays the guitar, and is in grade 8. Riverside grade 9 student, Brooke Conley is a recent addition to the band as a vocalist and keyboardist.

The band has been featured at many social events around the community. Every year, Hickelstock books a time frame of 45 minutes at the Castle Park Canada Day celebration, and every year, the band is a success, getting the crowd up and dancing. Their message of music helps to engage and bring people together into a single community. They’ve participated in West Vancouver’s Pumpkin Fest 2018 and headlined at the Car-Free Day in Port Moody. The band also took part in Tri-Cities ‘Got Talent’ taking second place with a show-stopping cover performance of Thunderstruck, by ACDC. The band also takes part each year in Citadel’s and Riverside’s Talent Show.

The band members agree that it’s very important to work together

Brooke Conley, vocalist and keyboardist

as a team, where everyone contributes together to make one outstanding song that they can perform and be proud of. “Being part of a band is very important to me; it helps build friendships and helps us communicate our different ideas,” said Enzo Hickman.

Hickelstock’s name is a combination of all the last names of the members, which is a unique name that sets them apart from other up and coming groups. The group is quite different from other bands in other ways as well. 

Being part of a band is very important to me; it helps build friendships and helps us communicate our ideas.
Enzo Hickman

“We’re all kids, so it’s a pretty new thing for all of us, and it gives us a lot of exploration into other genres of music,” said Diego Hickman. The band and its young performers have been commended by the previous mayor of Port Moody, Mike Clay, for their spectacular performance at the August 19 Car-Free Day in Port Moody. Diego also sang the Canadian and American national anthems at the opening for basketball games at SFU on February 17, 2018.

The band mainly specialises in older rock songs and some upbeat pop songs from recent years that guitars, drums and bass guitars are strongly featured in. The songs are selected by the group, and each member’s opinion is considered, with the final decision officially made by Jr.

The Port Coquitlam band has made a substantial impact upon the communities around Port Coquitlam and continues to headline at community and charity events. Stay tuned for more events with the band. Help support the band by liking their Facebook and Instagram page, and take the time to show up to some events around the community!