Students of Riverside’s Geography 12 class completed their documentary projects on January 9.

The focus for each of the documentaries is researching about making different aspects of modern day life more sustainable, and to document the students’ attempts to make a change in the school and in the community. Some of the issues that are focused on in the documentaries include water usage, food consumption habits, and recycling. “I believe that the project has the potential to create an impact if we continued to participate in the activities that we worked on during the assignment,” said Alison Chan, a grade 12 student in the Geography 12 class.

The projects allowed the students to reevaluate their lives and think about how much waste they produce. “I learned that we as individuals use and mostly waste so much water in our homes. It all accumulates and becomes one of the ways people waste water,” said Chan.

Mr. Brian Chan, the teacher of the Geography 12 class, believes that all of the issues that are introduced in each of the documentaries, such as water usage and food consumption habits, can be made more sustainable. “It really comes down to our consumption habits,” said Chan. “If we change our consumption habits, we could affect all these different issues. It’s really based on how much we consume.”

As part of the Geography 12 class’ Sustainability unit, the students visited Forage, a restaurant that relies on sustainable practices of obtaining their ingredients. The restaurant also practices ways of reducing waste, such as using every part of the animals and turning old alcoholic beverages into a source of fuel.

If you would like to try the sustainable foods provided by Forage, come visit the restaurant located on 1300 Robson Street.

Photo courtesy of Richard Bentley.