Riverside Secondary’s French Intermission students hosted a school version of the Quebec French Carnival on Wednesday, March 8, 2017, from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm.

Mellisa Culijak-Wade, Kelly Yeung and Alan Gane at the admissions table.

The carnival had food stands full of meat and sugar pies, poutine, truffles, crepes, mocktails and more. There was also JustDance, Kahoot, mini hockey and French movie stations along with a photo booth, face painting, and live performances.

Mr. Kevin Tao, the main teacher in charge of the carnival was inspired by former Riverside teacher, Mr. Jacques-Aude Larrivèe, who organized the carnival when Tao us

Meat pie judges, Ms. Pam Becker and Mademoiselle. Nadia Kadhim

ed to be a Riverside student.


“My favourite part of the carnival this year would have to be seeing everybody who participated,” said Tao. “Along with the people who performed and sung songs. It was really neat.”

Grade 12 student Eszter Pal, sung “Tourner Dans Le Vide” (by: Indila) on the school interior stairs with Grade 12 student Alyssa Ma on piano. Her favourite part about the French Carnival was the food. Her favourite food was Pounding Chômeur, a kind of pudding.

“The French Carnival lets us (French Intermission students) learn about the culture surrounding the French language,” said Pal. “Not just knowing the language, but learning the culture behind the language.”

The original Quebec Winter Festival started in 1894 with a modern version starting in 1955. It goes from January to late

Grade 9 students, Theo Turner and Olivia Harvey and their food stand.

February with activities such as opening/closing ceremonies, sports like ice canoeing and sleigh racing along with snow sculpting contests.


Photo source: Nj Estrella