Riverside Secondary students were dancing on Wednesday night thanks to Ms. Chin organizing the Winter Ball in Riverside’s gymnasium.

Winter Ball is a dance in December for Riverside Secondary students in grade 11 and 12 who want to attend a school dance and have an enjoyable time before the holidays.

Many of the students had complaints that the dance wasn’t what they expected and felt as if that they were not properly dressed for the event. The school made a last-minute announcement that students were not allowed to wear shoes without rubber bottoms, causing students the panic to adjust their outfits to accommodate this request.

One of the smart things to do for Winter Ball is to not wear open toed shoes, heels, or flats, as there was a mosh pit on the dance floor that left many people with bruises and blisters on their feet.

Nolan Fedje, a grade 11 who attended the Winter Ball, said he had a great time and that he was wearing comfortable shoes, so his feet never started to hurt.

Talia Polson a grade 11 who also attended the Winter Ball wore flats as her shoes said, “my feet hurt so much through the whole dance I still have blisters almost one week from the dance.”

Winter ball was organized by Ms. Chin, and the tickets to the dance were $10 in the first week of sales and $15 in the second week.

Only grade elevens and twelves are welcome to attend the Winter Ball. At the Winter Ball there was a place to take pictures, a food stand for students to enjoy, and a DJ in the gymnasium for students to dance too.

This year the theme was Paris so the people who organized had an Eiffel Tower to stand next too and take pictures, but next year the theme will differ.

For next year, if one plans to attend Winter Ball many of this year’s attendees would recommend wearing comfortable shoes that students don’t mind getting stepped on.