On January 10, both French and English Foods 10 classes were challenged to participate in a chili cook off. A favorite for cook-offs and cold days, chili is a type of stew often made with some combination of peppers, beans, tomatoes, and spices. The specific ingredients that go into it depend on personal preference, but the name comes from the chili peppers used in nearly all versions. All groups in foods classes had to come up with a mouthwatering chili dish, and as a requirement, had to have a secret ingredient. The chili was accompanied by a braided cheese bread, freshly baked moments before the judges’ arrival. The guest judges this semester included the recently transferred principal, Mr. Anthony Ciolfitto.

One group in X block French foods used honey mustard as a secret ingredient, and another used a steeped bay leaf and sherry wine vinegar. “I think that the creative aspect of the challenge was super fun, and the chili is something I would definitely make at home again. It’s super flavourful!” said X block student, Megan Schubak. The winner of X block was group three – their chili had the extra health benefit of adding quinoa. “The recipe we used incorporated a really big variety of vegetables and spices. It was a lot of hard work, but I guess it paid off. I would definitely recommend that people make their own chili at home. You get to play with the flavours and control the amount of spice a lot more.” said group three student, Emma Hudson.

The cook-off will surely be back next semester, with different chefs in the teaching kitchen, as well as a new slew of chili recipes.

Photo from ohsweetday.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/