Plaid has become one of the most popular fashion statements for girls and for boys. Just look around you, everyone is wearing plaid. Yet most people don’t even know the difference between flannel and plaid. You would think that something that is this popular would be more recognized. Let’s face it you have a few plaid shirts yourself. Red and black being the most common. But do you know the difference between flannel and plaid? Flannel is a type of fabric which is used to make bed covers and blankets whilst plaid is the pattern on basically anything, most commonly a formal buttoned shirt. Plaid can be worn in many different forms and fabrics, however the only acceptable way to wear flannel is if it has a plaid print on it. Now that you have this knowledge I hope you can feel the annoyance some of us have when we are told, or we hear someone say, “I like that flannel on you.”

flannel is not plaid cartoon 1